Just last month, I was feeling decidedly unwell. I had an unusually high temperature, becoming alternately cold and hot, it was a laydown misère that not only did I have an infection I also had a fever. Being the sort of person I am a stoic, I thought to try and get rid of it without a visit to my GP doctor.

I could not have been further from the truth as it turns out. I gave in and made an appointment to go and see my GP. I knew if anyone could fix me he could.

After the traditional catching up period and me describing the symptoms that I am experiencing we both have a good idea of what’s up with me.
wrist-blood-pressure-monitorThen he takes me totally by surprise and gets out the blood pressure monitor. I don’t have a blood pressure problem. I/We both know what is wrong, don’t we? All I have is an infection

This may sound like something familiar to you. I would think it probably does. For most of us, the first thing that happens on our regular visits to the GP is he takes our blood pressure.

Maybe its something that you have thought about, why is it that your doctor takes your blood pressure when 99% of the time the ailment that has led you to the GP’s clinic has absolutely nothing to do with blood pressure.

The truth is that your GP’s attention to your blood pressure is something that we should be really thankful for. High blood pressure and associated issues is a major problem throughout the developed world. The sooner that you are aware of the problem it’s so much sooner that it can be addressed and treated.

Your GP will recommend various blood pressure medications if they have diagnosed a high blood pressure condition. It maybe that the treatments recommended are effective, there are some natural methods in dealing with high blood pressure that can be considered (in consultation with your GP).

By following the link below you will be able to read about more natural ways to negate the effects of high blood pressure and its causes.
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