A Home Blood Pressure Monitor Changed My Life

Why Having a Home Blood Pressure Monitor has Changed My Life for the Better

I have been struggling with heart and blood pressure problems for the greater part of my life. Every started to go downhill once I turned 40 and I realized that my past diet of binging on sweets and fats definitely took a toll on my health. I had been diagnosed with hypertension shortly after and it had affected my life quite severely. I had to learn to be very carefully all the time, as I did not want to put enough pressure on my heart lest it I have a heart attack. This all changed for the better once I got a home blood pressure monitor.

First of all, getting a home blood pressure monitor greatly helped me manage my condition. It allowed me to always be able to track my blood pressure whenever it need be. For example, I have it set up right next to my bed. This is to ensure that I am close to it whenever I need it. A few nights I have had very bad heart problems, and knowing that I would be able to monitor my condition really easily was a great relief to me. In addition, by knowing that I had the machine on had greatly lowered the occurrence of heart problems at night as I knew that I could rely on the home blood pressure monitor to give me an accurate reading of my condition without my anxious thoughts coming into play.

This was not the only great benefit I noticed once I got myself a home blood pressure monitor. I realized that I could definitely get my hypertension work for me while I was trying to get rid of it. The funny thing about hypertension is that you need to do exercise to help with recovery. However, doing exercise can sometimes aggravate the symptoms and may leave you prone to something as terrible as a heart attack.

Thanks to the home blood pressure monitor I was able to constantly and routinely check my blood pressure to ensure that I would be able to pursue doing exercise at a given time. It also showed me at what times my blood pressure was at its worst, so that I could create an exercise schedule which would revolve around when my blood pressure was at its best.

What I found out was that my blood pressure was the best at the wake of the morning, and it was worst during the late afternoon. I had been constantly been using the home blood pressure monitor and thus I was able to realize this, and was confident in knowing when I would be able to spend time bettering myself. I spend most of my mornings going for light jogs and tennis matches with family and friends, and have a nice nap during the late afternoon when my hypertension is at its worst. Also, by doing the exercise I have noticed that my condition has improved very nicely. This is all thanks to the home blood pressure monitor.

One of the added great benefits that I found from using a home blood pressure system was the money that I had saved. Many times I would have to go to the health care clinic every single time I would want to get my blood pressure checked. This meant I would have to wait close to an hour to see a doctor and get a relatively simple monitoring procedure done on me. It was simply absurd the amount of time I would have to waste doing something such as this, not to mention it cost me a lot. I don't even have health insurance so it was even more annoying.

Such worries such as these all ended with the home blood pressure system, thankfully. Another great thing I noticed from using the home blood pressure system is that I found out the clinic blood pressure readings for most of the time not accurate. This is because I am usually very anxious at the clinic and that raises my blood pressure significantly. By getting an accurate measurement in the comfort of my own home gave me a much better reading.

Therefore, overall getting a home blood pressure monitorhas helped my life for the better. I recommend it to anyone suffering from any blood pressure troubles.

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