Measure Your Blood Pressure at Home

Why You Should Measure Your Blood Pressure at Home

Hypertension and other blood pressure related health diseases are very common in America. In fact, heart problems make up the large proportion of disease in America. For many sufferers of hypertension and blood pressure problems they often notice that their disease is more of a nuisance than an actual painful condition.

This is because management of these conditions often revolve around many different drug treatments in addition to very frequent check-ups and monitoring techniques. Thus, there is a great solution to these woes as sufferers can measure their blood pressure at home.

One of the most annoying factors that many sufferers notice is that they have to make constant trips to the healthcare clinic to get their blood pressure checked. This means that they may have to go see the doctor even once a week on a regular basis to get their blood pressure checked. There are many inconveniences that arise from such a regular treatment option.

One of the greatest concerns with going to the clinic at such a constant rate is the money involved. For anyone who suffers from a condition such as hypertension and they do not hold health insurance, they will be looking at a very expensive treatment option. A visit to the healthcare clinic can become very expensive to many people who don't have health insurance that they simply won't be able to do such a thing.

This may eventually lead to a heavy decline in their condition. This can also even affect anyone who has health insurance, as some insurance companies will not allow for such a regular visit to the clinic.

In addition to this inconvenience is the obvious concept of time wasted. Many clinics have very long wait times, especially during the late afternoon as many people take time off work to go at these hours. It is a well known fact that taking an appointment at a specific time in a clinic will almost always guarantee that you won't be in reality seeing the doctor at the appointed time. Many clinics run late and even the most punctual of appointment times can often end in a lot of waiting time. This can become very severe for any sufferers as they will have to waste a significant portion of their day to day lives waiting just to get a simple blood pressure measurement.

The answer to these horrible and annoying consequences of these conditions is to measure blood pressure at home. If you're a sufferer of any of these blood pressure conditions, you'll definitely want to measure your blood pressure at home. This can be done by simply purchasing a blood pressure monitor for use at home. Having such a monitor will allow you to measure your blood pressure whenever you are at the comfort of your own home, without having to pay money to go to the clinic and waste time in the waiting room. It is truly a great option for any sufferer.

There are also other benefits of choosing to measure your blood pressure at home. One of the greatest things that people measuring their blood pressure at home notice is that they have much different results to the ones in the clinic. It is known that many people feel angst and stress when at the clinic, and this often negatively alters their blood pressure reading. Often times, their blood pressure will appear much higher than it usually is. By checking your blood pressure at home you can get an accurate measurement while you're in the comfort of your own home.

Home blood pressure monitors also are very cheap in comparison to the expense of time and money wasted at the clinic. They can come in two different forms. One of which is a manual monitor which is cheaper and is made out of rubber. The other is a digital monitor which can be used at the touch of a button and is powered electrically. The digital monitor, of course is the more expensive option however requires less hassle.

Overall, it is very important for any blood pressure condition sufferers to seriously consider measuring their blood pressure at home to save valuable time and money.

Just Home Medical: Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
The 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor has many advanced features to provide you with detailed information so you can better manage your health. For better accuracy, this blood pressure monitor features a calibration check system that automatically double checks each reading so you know that each reading is as accurate as possible. Also for more accurate readings, this Omron blood pressure monitor has the TruRead feature that takes 3 consecutive readings, each 1 minute apart, and then displays the average. This blood pressure monitor also has a 2 user mode that allows 2 different individuals to monitor and track their readings separately in stored memory.

The cuff included with this blood pressure monitor has cuff wrap guide so you'll be able to confirm that the cuff is in proper position. Also, the cuff is pre-formed to expand to fit both regular and large sized arms to give you a more comfortable, more accurate reading. This blood pressure monitor also features an irregular heartbeat detector that will detect and notify you of an irregular heartbeat during regular blood pressure measurement. If you receive this irregular heartbeat indicator, please be sure to consult your medical professional.

What's in the box: main unit, ComFit™ Cuff (9" - 17"), AC adapter, quick start guide, instructions.

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